TJ Sherrill is a singer-songwriter based out of Seattle, WA. With obvoius care for each song, Tj takes you on a journey each time a new song begins. His laid back stage presence and songs about life, love and the hope we share in life, has earned him a mutlitude of fans.

TJ began performing live in 2006, playing his first show at the wonderful Seattle venue, the Triple Door. What has followed since, has been a steady rise through the ranks of Seattle singer-songwriters. TJ recorded his first EP with Seattle/Tacoma producer Brandon Bee. Selling that EP for the past 2 1/2 years, TJ has toured all over the northwest playing from Seattle to Spokane, and Billings to Portland, and beyond.

Releasing a new self-titled EP in Feb 2010, TJ looks to cement his presence and fan base in the northwest. Recorded with David Larring at David's LA studio, the songs and production are a giant step forward for TJ. Sonically the album balances simplicity with strong arrangements and instrumentation all the while TJ's voice cuts through it all.

Songs like Bones and Soft Machine tell of life and love, while Hello deals with addiction and the struggle to let go of the things that pull us down. Two gems on the record are a duet featuring Tabitha Smoot called Take it Easy, and a song written several years ago by TJ and his good friend Kyle Stevens, Mexican Jail. This EP is sure to have audiences coming back time and again.